So there’s a lot to like about At the Gates.  I think I could listen to the guitar riffs and the pounding rhythms all day long.  It’s very intense music and late in the day when I’m doing paperwork it helps to keep me focused and energetic.  And, as I mentioned, I can even deal with the vocals.  But what about the lyrics?

I did a little poking around at LyricWiki to see what the band had to say (since I can only understand about 10% of what he’s “singing”).  How about this?

Utopia – lost in chaos
As the sky turns black
Suicidal legacy
There is no turning back

Retribution answers cold
Moving in for the kill
Deep hideous festering
Bestial epidemic, repulsive need

Control, control

Say what?  It’s like someone hit the Scandinavian Black Metal Lyric Generator and copied and pasted.  In fact, let’s do that.

We crossed the circle to the other bank,
As lower down my sight descended on them,
Prophesies And dealt so with them each exults thereat;

Their colour changed and gnashed their teeth together,
That I through him may issue from a doubt;
Of the first song, which is of the submerged.

So that the tail may have no power to harm thee.
And as the wings of starlings bear them on
Crushes Henceforth the time allotted us is brief,

The Cretin Smiles! !!!

I’m not seeing a huge difference between the two.  Sometimes it’s not a bad thing to just focus on the music and not the lyrics.