My next random album of the week is Aimee Mann’s 2000 release Bachelor No. 2.  This is an album I’ve had for awhile and look forward to listening to a lot over the next week.

I remember Aimee Mann from ‘Til Tuesday, especially the 1985 video for “Voices Carry” with her spiky hair which I thought was quite hot at the time.  The next time I heard of her was on Rush’s “Time Stand Still”.  I was always big into Rush so if they thought she was good enough for one of their albums, that was all the approval I needed.  And then her name dropped off my radar for many years.

Then I saw “Magnolia” and loved it.  Yes, I was that guy who loved Magnolia.  All 3 hours and 8 minutes of it.  And part of what I loved was the soundtrack which I quickly bought.  Bachelor No. 2 is Mann’s next album after the Magnolia Soundtrack and carries over several of its songs along with plenty of new material.

It’s a smart and lovely album and I think it’ll be a lyrical breath of fresh air after last week’s entry.