The problem with picking an album of the week randomly is you have no real control over what you’ll be listening to for the next week.  You could always throw the result out as a fluke, delete the mp3’s and no one would know except for you.  And deep in your heart you’d know.

That’s why this week’s selection is Madonna’s GHV2 (Greatest Hits Volume 2).  We all have those albums in our collection.  You know, the ones we don’t remember buying and aren’t quite sure how we got.  Did I buy it at a garage sale or was it a gift or did I borrow it from a friend and forget to return it?  Either way, it’s there and must be dealt with.

Now I’m not a fan of Madonna.  I really never have liked the gal much.  I laughed when Wayne and Garth made fun of her video on SNL years ago.  She is pretty.  And I do like the song Secret.  But to counterbalance all that, I had to sit through Evita years ago.

But this is my album of the week.  I actually chose it on Friday and have been listening to it over the weekend.  Not my typical style of music but I’m committed.  As long as I don’t have to watch Evita again I’ll be okay.