My new random album of the week (RAOW – I like the sound of that) is the self-titled album by Russ Taff.  It was released in 1987 and is a complicated album for me for a couple of reasons.russ-taff

I used to love Russ Taff.  As I mentioned before, I was a pretty severe fundamentalist and for years would only listen to Christian music.  Russ Taff was one of my favorites back in the 80’s before I broke out of that shell.  His previous album Medals (1985) was a funky, R&B influenced album and was a lot of fun.  What stood out was his voice which was both gravelly and soulful.

When he released Russ Taff in 1987 I was very excited and ended up listening to it for months.  At the time I remember thinking “This is what Christian music is capable of.”  It sounded current and energetic.  It sounded like stuff you’d hear on any radio station.  My friends and I listened to it so much that I became overexposed to it and eventually reached a point where I didn’t want to hear it again.

And so it’s been probably 15 years since I’ve really listened to Russ Taff.  I’ll be interested to see how it holds up not only after so much time, but also after so many changes in me.