This has been an interesting experience, going back to Russ Taff after years of it collecting dust.  I can see why I listened to this album all the time back when it came out.  It is very well done, with high production values and Taff’s voice is great as always.  The tracks that still standout are Higher, I Still Believe, Shake and Steal Away.

The last one, Steal Away, is the real standout.  It’s just a minute or so long and is basically Taff singing what sounds like an old hymn or spiritual with a guitar accompanying.  It’s very stripped-down and just gorgeous.  And that says something about the rest of the album to me – it’s just too overproduced.  It’s like the producer set out to make hits instead of music.  It’s no surprise that Taff’s follow-up album The Way Home is my favorite as it returns to a simpler, more acoustic/folk/rock style that really allows Taff’s voice to stand out.  It just seems like a more honest, more open album and Russ Taff pales in comparison.

My rating: 2/5