My next random album of the week is Toxicity by System of a Down.  I ran across these guys in 2005 after I’d heard people talking about their Hypnotize and Mezmerize albums and wanted to check them out.  I was in a CD club that let me pick it up for $6 so I did.  Listening to Toxicity the first time was a definite “Holy crap!” experience.

I actually liked the album so much that I went ahead and bought several other albums by them: Steal This Album, Mesmerize and Hypnotize.  While they all sound good to me, none has had quite the hold on me that Toxicity has.  I’m not sure what they are singing about half the time (Psycho! Groupie! Cocaine! Crazy!) so I plan on spending some time with the lyrics (Pull the tapeworm out of your ass!) just to see if I can figure some of it out.