So I guess I’m officially playing Baldur’s Gate now.  It seems to work really well on this little netbook.  The ability to pause to issue orders is nice as I’m not particularly deft with the trackpad.  And with the EasyTutu mod I can play it in 800×600 resolution so I’m partying like it’s 2000 instead of 1998.


It’s interesting to play this again after playing Baldur’s Gate II.  Admittedly that was almost 10 years ago so my memory is probably a bit cloudy but I don’t remember Imoen being quite so irritating.  Wasn’t she dark and brooding in the sequel?

We already had our brief but fatal encounter with Sarevok.  Gorion is a dead dude now and we buried him instead of running for our frickin’ lives from the Big Bad.


Our group arrived at the Friendly Arm Inn and defeated the weak wizard who was sent to kill my guy.  My guy’s name is Ratch Binatch by the way.  I liked the way it sounded.  Anyway, he’s dead and we met up with Jaheira and the always irritating Khalid.

Bet you can’t guess what I did as soon as I got out into the wilderness?  Yep.  I put Khalid in the lead, refused to heal him and watched him get eaten by a dire wolf.  No burial for him.

I’m going to move down toward Nashkel now.  I don’t remember where Misc is but I need to get Minsc.  I love Minsc.