One interesting thing about Baldur’s Gate is how many possible characters you can add to your party.  For example: I bumped off Khalid and now I’ve found myself with the bard Garrick.  I don’t remember Garrick at all from before.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I never ran across the guy.  Now he’s in my party.  Do I want a bard in my party?  I’m not sure but I’ve decided to not stress too much about who I’m taking with me.  Garrick looks a bit like a weenie but he’ll be able to cast spells and can probably use a bow so he’ll make do.

I wrapped up a couple of quests in Beregost and made a short detour back to the Friendly Arm Inn to finish a quest.  No sooner had I arrived than Jaheira began complaining that I should be on the road to Nashkel.  I’d forgotten what a demanding little princess she is.  But I don’t want her to leave my party as she is my only healer so we’re now heading toward Nashkel.  I’m pretty sure that’s where Minsc hangs out.

My character is a mighty level two fighter by the way.  Tremble before me ye evildoers or I’ll be forced to use strong language!