Now I’ve finished the two areas south of Beregost and have finally found my way to Nashkel.  I’ve started to realize why people don’t like Garrick: he has 6 hit points at level one and dies all the time.  He got killed by a gibberling of all things!  I ended up putting him in the rear with Imoen and let him use his crossbow but this didn’t last long as I quickly ran out of bolts.  First lesson learned is ranged weapons are your friend.


I then ran into a vampiric wolf.  Now understand it has been a long time since I’ve messed around with D&D or a D&D-based game so I’d forgotten that vampiric creatures can only be harmed by magical weapons.  It took me a couple of reloads to realize that I wasn’t going to win that fight at this point in the game.  I skirted around the wolf and continued south.


I ran into Foreshadow who let me know that Neverwinter Nights would be coming soon.  That was clever.  I ran into a member of The Flaming Fist near Nashkel.  I’d forgotten the fake-southern accent they have (“Ah serve tha Flaymin’ Fist!”).  I also ran into the ever-friendly Bub Snikt.

As my group was resting I had the first dream sequence.  I’d forgotten about them from when I played before.  They’re nice and completely unnecessary, which is why I like them.  They add some color to the game and help remind you that Something Big Is Going To Happen.


As we arrived at Nashkel we finished with Chapter One.  I remember Nashkel being a big place so I’m not sure how quickly I can find Minsc.  Once I have him I’ll need to rescue Dynaheir but she’s a good mage so those two should complete my group.