1 Angus Thermopyle and Morn Hyland walk into a bar and are seen by Nick Succorso. Two weeks later Angus gets arrested and Morn and Nick leave together. But that’s not the real story.
2 Angus is suspected to have used a zone implant on Morn but none was found. He was arrested with contraband supplies but the supply ship was untouched.
3 Angus flees the station when he sees a Hyland ship. Low on air, he is pursued by the ship through asteroids and disabled.
4 The Hyland ship crashes mysteriously and Angus boards it killing the remaining crew but takes Morn onto his ship and restrains her.
5 Angus gives Morn an implant and beats her
6 Angus rapes her twice. She remembers her mother who died by a ship called Gutbuster which made her decide to be a cop
7 He continues to brutalize her and tells her about his own history of betraying someone and being raped. He promises he won’t stop.
8 Morn tries to poison herself but he stops her and gets poisoned in the process and has the ship give him the antidote.
9 Angus questions Morn and finds out she did not tell anyone they were out on patrol trying to lure pirates.
10 He takes her to DelSec and he talks his way past security. She doesn’t reveal his abuse. They are seen by Nick Succorso and Angus feels helpless.
11 Nick and Morn share a glance. Nick is a false name he took after the real Nick was killed. He loved the woman who did this but she scarred him and left him for dead.
12 Angus hacks into Nick’s ship and discovers he has an ally inside Security.
13 Angus and Nick have a confrontation at Mallorys. A supply ship in distress makes contact and Angus plans to use it as part of a plan to kill Nick.
14 Nick beats him to the location and ambushes Angus instead. Angus’ ship is damaged and Nick leaves him after taunting him.
15 Morn offers to testify for him, to prevent him from the death penalty. Angus strikes her instead.
16 Angus realizes he has been set up by Morn and Nick. She opened his hatch and Nick placed stolen supplies on Bright Beauty. They leave his ship.
17 Security comes to arrest Angus. Before they do, he gives the zone implant control to Morn and accepts her deal and reminds her he could have killed her at any time.
18 The end. Angus in jail, Nick has Morn and she has the control to her own zone implant.