1: Out to Sea. John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, and his wife Alice are being sent to Africa. On the ship the crew is planning to mutiny against the harsh captain. The Claytons vow to stay neutral and increase their chances of survival.
2: The Savage Home. The crew mutinies and the Clayton are put ashore by the ie leader. They build shelter and sleep poorly as they hear a panther beneath.
3: Life and Death. They build a house and he is attacked by a great ape but she shoots it.. She is traumatized but later gives birth. A year later she dies.
4: The Apes. Clayton is killed by Kerchak the ape leader and his infant son is taken by Kala whose baby has died. The cabin locks as the apes leave with the rifle which fires and is dropped by Kerchak.
5: The White Ape. Tarzan, as he is called, is raised by Kala as her own. He survives a lion attack by swimming and learns to torment Tublat, Kala’s mate, with a noose.
6: Jungle Battles. He finds the cabin and inside looks through a book and finds a knife. Outside he is attacked by a gorilla and kills him with the knife but is severely wounded in the process. Kala cares for him.
7: The Light of Knowledge. He recovers and continues his education. One night the tribe gathers and Kala is threatened by Tublat. Tarzan kills him with his knife.
8. The Tree-Top Hunter He decides he wants to kill Sabor the lioness for her coat and the glory. He tries to snare her with his noose but she breaks free.
9: Man and Man. Natives move into the jungle and make camp. One of them, Kulonga, kills Kala. Tarzan follows him and kills him, taking his bow and arrows.
10: The Fear-Phantom. Tarzan loots the camp for poisoned arrows. Kulonga’s father, chief Mbonga, is upset when the tribe discovers his son’s remains.
11: “King of the Apes”. He returns to the camp for more arrows and causes an alarm. On the way back he fights and kills the lioness and takes her hide. At home he is challenged by Kerchak and kills him in a duel, becoming the new ruler.
12: Man’s Reason. Tarzan is challenged by Terkoz, defeats him but spares his life. He realizes he doesn’t belong with apes anymore and announces he is leaving.
13: His Own Kind. At the cabin Tarzan finds a group of people: Jane Porter, Clayton, the Professor and several crew from the ship. They are fighting and Tarzan secretly throws a spear and injures one of the crew when he tries to shoot Clayton in the back. Tarzan has left a note on the cabin door announcing himself.
14: At the Mercy of the Jungle. Tarzan rescues his cousin Clayton from lions and leads him back to the camp. Meanwhile, Jane and her servant Esmerelda are in the cabin trying to fight off a lioness intent on breaking in to eat them.
15: The Forest God. Tarzan kills the lion trying to enter the cabin to attack Jane. He leaves and they are mystified.
16: “Most Remarkable”. Tarzan rescues Professor Porter and Mr. Philander who had wandered off and were in danger of being eaten by a lion. He escorts them back to the rest of their group at the cabin.
17: Burials. The mutineers leave in their ship, stranding Clayton and his group. Tarzan follows the ship and sees them bury a chest before being captured by another ship. He digs it up, buries it elsewhere and returns to the cabin where he is fascinated by Jane.
18: The Jungle Toll. Tarzan reads Jane’s letter to her friend. He provides meat for them and communicates with them through writing. Tarzan loves Jane but she is captured by an ape and the Clayton group vows to find her.
19: The Call of the Primitive. Tarzan kills Terkoz, kisses Jane and takes her away. Meanwhile the ship Arrow ran out of food and water, became cannibals and were overtaken by a French ship. The French crew offer to help Clayton track down Jane.
20: Heredity. Tarzan and Jane have lovey-dovey moments in the jungle. He brings her back to the cabin and leaves when he hears gunfire from the ships in the harbor.
21: The Village of Torture. D’Arnot, a member of the French search party, is captured by the cannibals but is rescued by Tarzan.
22: The Search Party. Clayton is jealous of Tarzan and says cruel things to Jane. He and Charpentier take a search party to find D’Arnot but he is not in the village after they attack it.
23: Brother Men. Tarzan nurses D’Arnot back to health and returns him to the cabin. The Clayton party have left and Tarzan first runs away then returns for D’Arnot.
24: Lost Treasure. The crew dig for the treasure but it is gone. Jane convinces them to remain for several days but neither Tarzan or D’Arnot show up and she leaves with the boat.
25: The Outpost of the World. Tarzan and D’Arnot travel to the nearest civilization as Tarzan wants to take a boat to visit Jane in America. During the trip Tarzan learns about his true parents.
26: The Height of Civilization. They reach town and Tarzan has now mastered French. He wins a sum of money in a bet by bringing back a dead lion. D’Arnot has Tarzan’s fingerprints made to compare to the infant prints from the cabin.
27: The Giant Again. Time passes and Jane is engaged to the rich Mr. Canler. There is a wildfire and Jane is out walking. She is rescued by Tarzan who wants to marry her.
28: Conclusion. Canler prepares to marry Jane but Tarzan runs him off. He receives confirmation that he is the true Lord Greystoke. Jane’s has promised to marry Clayton and Tarzan stands aside and hides his secret.